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Budget Codes - If you need a budget code added to your account, please contact your school secretary.

The 12/12 Program is provided to help the classroom teacher place rush jobs to meet unexpected needs.

12/12 cycles runs from 12:00 Noon today to 12:00 Noon tomorrow, on school days only.

1. Simply click on Printing Order
2. Select 12/12 Program


  • 12/12 orders may not be cloned from past print jobs
  •  Limit 1 order per 24 hour cycle
  • Maximum of  6 pages printed 1-sided per order
  • ......OR......
  • Maximum of 12 pages printed 2-sided.
  • Orders are printed with black ink on 8.5x11 white paper only.


12/12 Classroom Print FAQ:

What is an original? - Original is another word for page. Each page in the PDF file you attach to your order = 1 original.

Do I have to attach a file to my 12/12 print order?  Yes.  A print ready PDF file must be attached to every 12/12 Print Order. Orders that have an attached file in any other format, are not print ready, or have no PDF attachments, will be moved to "Quote Only" status.
The order can then be edited and a PDF file attached. The print order must be resubmitted in the next 12/12 cycle or canceled.

I've just put in my first 12/12 Print Order, ever.  When can I put in another? - The window of time (cycle) for submitting your 12/12 print order begins at 12:00 noon and ends at 12:00 noon the following school day. You can have 1 print order in each cycle.  If we receive more than 1 print order from an individual in a cycle, only 1 will be printed - all others will be put back into "Quote Only" status so you can resubmit it the next 12/12 cycle or cancel the order.

Can I copy a 12/12 print order I submitted in the past? No, the 12/12 Classroom Print Program is provided to help the classroom teacher place rush jobs to meet unexpected needs. Easy Print is where most print orders should placed. Plan ahead as much as possible. Do not use the 12/12 Program for your normal day to day classroom printing needs.

Can I put a 12/12 order in for multiple classrooms? No, 12/12 gives staff the opportunity to catch up on last minute requests. Please use the Easy Print option when ordering for your entire grade level.

Preparing Files for print

• Uploaded attachments should be in a pdf file.

• When creating a mailing, please attach your recipient list as an excel file, along with your artwork pdf(s).

• If you need to print a range of pages within an existing file please remove unneeded pages before upload to ensure accuracy. Here's a quick how-to using Acrobat Reader:

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